In home decoration, the selection and tiling of ceramic tiles is an important project that not only affects the overall effect of the decoration but also influences the future cleaning and maintenance. This article will introduce the "10 Don'ts" to avoid when tiling ceramic tiles in home decoration, helping you make better decisions for your home.

1. Don't use small-sized tiles

Although small-sized tiles can create a retro feel, larger tiles are more popular in modern homes. They reduce gaps, provide a greater sense of space, and are easier to clean and maintain.

2. Don't use tiles with strong reflection

Strong reflection can cause chaotic indoor lighting and discomfort. Therefore, it is best to avoid using tiles with strong reflection.

3. Don't use dark-colored tiles

Dark-colored tiles can make a room look more oppressive and enclosed. Unless your room has ample natural light, dark-colored tiles may make the room appear dimmer.

4. Don't use high-gloss tiles

While high-gloss tiles can increase the brightness of a space, they can also be too glaring and cause fatigue. It is recommended to use soft matte or semi-gloss tiles.

5. Don't use tiles with complex patterns

Although tiles with complex patterns can add a sense of depth to a space, they can also make cleaning and maintenance more difficult. Additionally, if the patterns are not aesthetically pleasing, they may result in poor visual effects.

6. Don't use too many tiles with joints

Excessive joint lines not only increase the difficulty of construction but also make the space appear cluttered. Therefore, try to avoid using tiles that require excessive jointing.

7. Don't use tiles that are not coordinated with the overall style

Different spaces require different decorative styles, and the choice of tiles should also be coordinated with the overall style. If the tiles do not match the overall style, it can create a sense of discomfort.

8. Don't use tiles of poor quality

Tiles of poor quality not only have a shorter lifespan but may also pose safety hazards. Therefore, when choosing tiles, be sure to select reliable brands and products.

9. Don't use tiles with insufficient protective measures

Special spaces like kitchens and bathrooms often come into contact with water and pollutants such as oil fumes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose tiles with sufficient protective measures to avoid difficulties in cleaning and maintenance in the future.

10. Don't use tiles with high construction difficulty

Some special types of tiles require a high level of technical expertise during installation. If the construction difficulty is high, it may increase the cost and time of decoration. Therefore, when choosing tiles, consider the difficulty of construction and your actual needs.

By avoiding the above "10 Don'ts," you can better select the types of tiles and tiling methods that suit your home decoration, adding aesthetics and practicality to your living space.